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“MANZO RALLY fuses the musical seeds of Latin Rock with contemporary taste, which allied to thought provoking lyrics, delves into romantic, political and social issues with lyricism, conscience, commercial song-writing acumen and passionate live-in-the-studio performance. All this fresh new music is wrapped up in Gabriel Manzo’s driving guitar, which evokes both the exotic past and a sparkling future for a new wave of modern Latin Rock sound.”
~ Jim McCarthy ~ Author of Voices Of Latin Rock (Foreword by Carlos Santana) plus biographies of Kurt Cobain, Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Bob Marley, The Sex Pistols, Michael Jackson, and The Ramones. Jim also has published four comic book art compendiums with editions in ten languages.

“I love it when I hear stuff that's new, but already sounds classic.”
~ Kelly Jasper ~ on air personality, Kat’s Trax on Hot Mix 106

“Give Love" is a great album with some strong songs and excellent musicianship. I highly recommend it.  ~ Mark Guerrero~ Chicano music historian, musician and writer.

"MANZO RALLY’s new LP is filled with the best Latin Rock I have heard in years. Guitarist Gabriel Manzo and his band have created a tapestry of interwoven original music not heard of since Santana, Malo and El Chicano invented the genre. While listening to it I could feel the true love and passion that went into the making of it, and the attention to detail that makes it a top pick for my music library. I highly recommend it.”

~ Sheldon Snow ~ On air personality, Eclectic Max at www.MojoRadio.us

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