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As the first decade of the 21st Century came to a close, it was time for long-time MALO lead guitarist,
Gabriel Manzo, to form his own group, to perform his own music, as well as create new music.
More than new music, a new sound, derived from the guitar-driven, rhythm-fueled Latin Rock genre he originally helped pioneer.

“I’ve had this vision for a long time – to revive the classic, groundbreaking feel of the Latin Rock movement, with new music that draws on some of its strongest raw elements.  It was time to make it happen."

The right musicians miraculously seemed to appear to Gabriel, and things began to come together.

“I found a great singer, who fit the music, knows harmony and blends well with my own voice. I then chose various musicians to record the songs I had, based on their individual strengths in relation to things I wanted them to create in each song. Through those sessions, a solid core emerged, and MANZO RALLY was born.  It's exciting to find musicians with the same vision. We all work together to make things happen."
One of Latin Rock's true originators,
esteemed San Francisco guitarist
Gabriel Manzo
leads a group of elite musicians on a
groundbreaking journey into the future of
Latin influenced guitar-driven rock n roll.
MANZO RALLY core members include:
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Dawn Livingston-Manzo                         Victor Bejarano                                 Tony Menjivar