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About The Songs
Track 1   JUST FOR NOW     (5:21)
Written by Herman Eberitzsch, arrangement by Gabriel Manzo
Perfect music for a Sunday afternoon drive…
Just For Now is an instrumental journey with an ethereal beginning introducing its melodic theme. Explored at length through a featured “one take” improvisational guitar solo, in the exciting, sagacious style only Gabriel Manzo can deliver, the music escalates as a fiery synthesizer solo replies. As the theme ends the journey, it begs to be played again. Ragtop down - this song’s made for driving your convertible!

Track 2   GIVE LOVE     (4:20)
Written by Gabriel Manzo, Serjio Diaz, Dawn Livingston-Manzo and Jorge Pomar
The album’s title track, Give Love, ironically may be the furthest in style from classic Latin Rock of all songs on the CD. Though it does feature a slinky Latin-flavored guitar solo, it has a decidedly reggae feel, with a little bit of a Latin twist. It was chosen as the title track for its altruistic message, delivered through memorable, easy to sing-along-with lyrics and melodies, anchored by upbeat rhythms and bass lines.

Track 3   ESTA BIEN (IT’S ALL GOOD) (4:11)
Written by Gabriel Manzo and Tony Menjivar
Straight-up Latin Rock with a Chicano flair. Back to the basics. It’s all good!

Track 4   LOVE ME LORENA     (4:53)
Written by Gabriel Manzo and Dawn Livingston-Manzo
Warning: This catchy song is hard to get off your mind!
Have you ever felt fireworks the moment you met someone, but they slipped away because you were afraid to reach out? Someone you ended up unable to forget, though you had little chance of ever meeting again? Vocalist Serjio Diaz delivers a story of longing and regret, over what may have been, after dancing with a girl named Lorena. Better get out on the dance floor - this one will make your feet move! Who knows?
You may even find your own Lorena! (If you do, be sure to exchange phone numbers…)

Track 5   DOLORES HUERTA     (5:01)
Written by Gabriel Manzo, Dawn Livingston-Manzo and Victor Bejarano
Another song that will make your feet move as Gabriel Manzo sings in homage to labor leader and human rights activist, Dolores Huerta, partner of Cesar Chavez, contemporary of Robert F. Kennedy. The song features blazing, melodic guitar work, and rhythms that refuse to let you sit still. It includes short clips from an actual recording of Huerta, Chavez and nearly 2,000 farmworkers shouting “Huelga!” (“Strike!”) during the 1965 Grape Strike in Delano, California, which solidified the United Farmworker s Union.

Track 6   CESAR     (5:16)
Written by Gabriel Manzo and Tony Menjivar
In recognition of legendary figures in Latino history and culture, a stirring call to Latin Pride
and the courage to effect positive change.

Track 7   SET MY PEOPLE FREE     (7:42)
Written by Gabriel Manzo
Gabriel Manzo wrote this song as a result of a touching experience he had in Mexico while touring with Latin Rock band, Malo. He came across a barefoot little boy who had a broken down little guitar with only three strings on it, playing that guitar and singing his heart out,giving all he had in hopes of help. Nearby an elderly woman, also desperate for help, sat with a tattered styrofoam cup extended, pleading for the smallest kindness. Everywhere Gabriel looked, he saw the hopeless, imprisoned by fences, dividing those who have everything from those who have nothing.
He cried out to God in despair, “Set My People Free!” This song is his prayer.

Track 8   EL DORADO     (6:50)
Written by Derek Rolando and Dave Mathews
Drawing on adventurous formulas from the early explosion of Latin Rock into mainstream music, this blazing instrumental has all the classic elements. Soaring over powerful, driving rhythm, fueled by sizzling percussion, Gabriel Manzo unleashes incendiary guitar work, answered by an extraordinary electric piano solo by Victor Bejarano.  Fasten your seatbelts, and hang on for the ride!

Track 9   DON’T COME CRYIN’      (5:33)
Written by Gabriel Manzo and Dawn Livingston-Manzo
Pure Latin Rock with a pop sensibility that also lands this one in mainstream rock territory. Groove, catchy melody, signature-scorching guitar and percussion drive this fair warning to someone whose underhanded dealings are bound to catch up to them sooner or later.

Track 10   SOMETHING’S COMING     (4:16)
Written by Gabriel Manzo, Dawn Livingston-Manzo and William Shary
Get your air-guitars out, folks, they’re really gonna help you on this one!
An inescapable guitar riff, with a groove that’ll give your step some serious swagger!
This track delves strongly into the classic rock sound which influenced Latin Rock, and on which Latin Rock also made its mark.  Rock n Roll!!

Track 11   SET MY PEOPLE FREE (Radio Edit)    (4:15)
Edited by Dawn Livingston-Manzo
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